For the past few years I have devoted my time to working on metal garden sculptures made from mild steel and stainless steel. I mostly work with insect forms, fish and flowers.

I like the colour contrast resulting from using stainless and mild steel, with the mild steel gradually turning a rich brown, and the stainless remaining bright silver to give a two tone effect which I think can be more sympathetic to the natural environment. However I am also able to provide most pieces in full stainless steel to maintain the bright silver, new metal look.

  I use a distinctive mix of rod and construction fixings, so my style varies from industrial, robotic qualities, to the lyrical, elegant forms of the flower stems. The additional use of cutlery is a fun addition as well as introducing another texture and reflective finish. Designs can be tweaked and altered to fit different spaces, so please get in touch if you have any specific requirements.

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Leafcutter ants. Stainless steel. Available individually, or part of a group.







Large dragonfly.  Stainless/mild steel.





Large Cow Parsley Stem. Mild/stainless steel and spoon heads.


Large bee on spiral stem. Stainless and mild steel.





Large flower stem. Mild steel, stainless steel, cutlery.



 Medium orchid stem. Mild steel, stainless and spoons.


Big fish. Stainless/mild steel, spoons.





Small fish shoal. Mild steel, stainless steel, industrial fixings, cutlery.


 Large flower trio. Mild/stainless steel, spoons.



Small dragonfly. Stainless and mild steel.



Mini Bees on mild steel spiral rods that allow them to move in the breeze.