I have recently devoted my time to working on a completely new range of sculptures made from stainless steel. I wanted to continue working with insect forms, but also the welding process gives a rigidity to the pieces and gives me an opportunity to work on a larger scale. I like the colour contrast resulting from using stainless and mild steel, with the mild steel gradually turning a rich brown, and the stainless remaining bright silver.




Leafcutter ants. Stainless steel. Available individually, or part of a group.







Large dragonfly.  Stainless/mild steel.




Small dragonfly. Stainless and mild steel.



Large bee on spiral stem. Stainless and mild steel.




 Large flower stem. stainless/mild steel, cutlery.



Shoal of fish. Stainless/mild steel, spoons.



 Large flower trio. Mild/stainless steel, spoons.



Mini Bees on threaded rod stems.